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Welcome to Fonts Anon~

Re-launch of the Fonts Anon~ site has proceeded apace, and earned some pleasant words from friends old and new. We are happy to be able to provide the content on this site, and welcome input from visitors as to how we can improve our service to the online community of typophiles. As always, our focus is on material of interest to nonprofessional appreciators of digital type. We are seeking articles and information that provide a robust but accessible introduction to various aspects of typography, both theoretical and applied, that would be useful to nonspecialists. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to browse around the site to see the kind of material we publish, and contact Vector if you would like to contribute.

Among the highlights of our latest incarnation is the return of the Confessional. Visitors are encouraged to share their personal stories of tragedy and triumph in managing their consuming love for type. Stop by the section and you'll see what we mean.

We are very pleased, also, to announce two new font contributions. The first is a collaborative font developed by two long-time site affiliates, Su Lucas and Bella Morte. The font, Junari Claws, is an alternative alphabet representing the writing of fantastic creatures in a popular online fictional world. The second is Canin, a very interesting take on the incised style by Graham Meade, well-known from his work at the Apostrophic Lab and other sites. You can access both fonts through the Contributions section of the site.

If you are returning to our site, welcome back; and if you are new, enjoy your stay. Look for new content in various sections on a weekly basis, more often in areas like our Quick Fix. If you are interested in how this site is maintained and produced, please visit our Colophon; if you would like to know more about the site's history and its current staff, please visit the About Fonts Anon~ section.

With thanks and appreciation for your visit,

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